Friday, March 25, 2011

Chinese Pictures for Sale

This is not part of the 100 strangers series. I'm sorry but I need a place on the net to show off some Chinese pictures.

Bird and Moon on Red background. 2 in stock. 38cm * 24cm

Flowers on Red background. 2 in stock. 38cm * 24cm

Chinese carriage. 2 in stock. 23cm * 18.5cm

2 stocks in Landscape. 25cm * 18.5cm

Birds flying. 25cm * 18.5cm

Yellow rose like flowers. 25cm * 18.5cm

Ducks on water, under a tree. 25cm * 18.5cm

Stocks standing on a tree. Red background. 25cm * 18.5cm

We have many more Chinese pictures. They will be put up over the next few weeks. If you're interested in any of the pictures. You can email

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