Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eindhoven Hereos

Looking for Heroes

This is a new project where strangers I meet help me with Dutch. They talk about the surrounds and things that we can see. I listen and ask them questions in English. I use English because at the moment I'm learning the 'silent' way. So, I want lots of understandable listening input.

The people who help me are on the Hero's list. They're Heroes because they're took the time to help someone.

This is a BIG thank to the HEROES of Eindhoven

Jeromen, also learnt from him about the competition between Brabant and Limburg over who's more 'bourgondisch'

Sascha was having a break from work and took the time to help

Magdalong was on her way to the train station to go home.

Steye, is the TV presenter of the Dutch version of 'Man Liberation Front,' which will be out in a couple of months on Veronica. He's also a natural at describing the surrounds.

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