Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12th Shoot

Chelsea was very chatty and curious. She made my day when she said that I was an artist

Hello Everyone

It was windy in Taipei City yesterday. I like it this way. Yesterday, I met five new strangers around Taipei 101 and Warner Village areas.

Chelsea was waiting for a taxi. She makes clothes for TV stars and was going to return some clothes back to the TV company. She lived in Cambridge for a year so we spoke in English. Chelsea was great to talk with and she asked lots of questions. One was 'How do you choose who to take photos, do you choose happy people or sad one etc?'

First, I look whether someone is busy or not. It's surprising how much people use mobile phones when you look! Happy or sad? I think in general I go towards happier people, simply because I feel they are more likely to say yes and also if someone is very sad, I don't think I'd know what to say to them, especially if I'm going to say that in Chinese.

Sometimes it's good to break the rules!! Taking sweets of a stranger is one of them, but only if they're sugar free. This is Julia, working as a Wrigley's promoter

Julia is promoting Wrigley's chewing gum. She was near the graffiti-ed 'Statue of Liberty' if you want some. They've set up a Wrigley's Bar, so you can sit down in comfort and chew, instead of chewing on the go.

Louise is a fellow photographer. She also has a blog, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. I'm curious what type of pictures she takes.

Louise is a fellow photographer and she was out in full force yesterday, including a tripod. I saw her later taking a photo of an 'advert', I think. Louise has a blog too.

Cindy has excellent English. She was very casual and just let me take some pictures.

Cindy had obviously shopped a lot yesterday and was taking a rest. Her English was perfect because she had lived in the States for a few years. She was very relaxed and didn't take much notice of the camera.

Grass was very much a happy chap. He made a joke about this name but I didn't get it, sorry Grass

Grass was fun to talk to. He laughed a lot and when he wasn't laughing he smiled. He made some joke about his name but I really didn't get it.

Yesterday was a short day on the streets of Taipei. I hope to get out there again today or tomorrow to meet some more 'strangers.'

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