Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4th Photos of 'Strangers'

Bob and Fion looking glamorous in a familiar Taipei setting, boy n girl n bike

Hello Taipei!!!

Summer has started and it's hot again, and will be for the next six months. Yesterday, I went around a new area, the area between Fuxing and Dunhua Road, with Zhongxiao to the south.

Bob and Fion were naturals in front of the camera, like models they changed their pose at will but seconds before I talked to them was an even better photo. They looked like something out of 'Rebel without a Cause' - young, glamorous, wild and confident.

George outside his designer clothes shop. George's English is really smooth and it was a pleasure talking to him

George designs clothes and owns a shop as well. He's friendly and enthusiastic, and he took me to his shop Havoc (Daan road, section one, 51 alley, no 39). The clothes have style and look wearable, the type of thing that will get you notice without you being overly conscientious. George told me that his shop doubles as an office and much of the business he does is in exports to Japan, 'China' and Europe.

George was also the first person to say that he'll put me on his blog. So a photo of me and George will be appear here very soon. Thanks George!!

Green was really surprised I asked her for her photo. I don't know why? Anyway, like the hat says - she was. Thank you

Green was to going to a shop when I stopped her. She was very surprised that I wanted her photo.

This is me, Jhang Shu Mei and Pao .... .... They insisted on getting one of me with the Buddha 'Child' in the background

Jhang Shu Mei, Pao ... ... (to be translated), and Shu Hui Lee were manning a truck with a child Buddha on it. Shu Hui Lee told me that by tipping water over the left side of the Buddha, then the right and then the left again, it will help clean my 'soul'. They are all part of a Buddhist organisation (BLIA ?), which is having a series of events until the 9th May, around Sogo on Zhongxiao Dong Road and Fuxing Nan Road (section 1).

They were very cheerful and it was fun learning about how to clean my soul. Though I'm not sure whether I should have 'prayed' at the same time.

Shui Hui Lee, Pao ... ... and Jhang Shu Mei. Shui Hui Lee is pouring water over Buddha

Wang, Ko Wei and Woan, Ze Iunn, Wang, Ko Wei looks very cheeky in this picture. Perhaps it's because he's a photographer too and doesn't like to be in front of the camera. Great Smile Woan, Ze Iunn!!!

I met Wang, Ko Wei and Woan, Ze Iunn on the way home. Wang, Ko Wei was very funny as he didn't look relax at first and then he look away from the camera, like a naughty boy with a private joke. He had a camera, so I think he prefers to take pictures - What's the camera Wang, Ko Wei? Woan, Ze Iunn was a great model with a superstar smile.

Hugo and Flower were relaxing in the back streets. Hugo's very confident and I think this comes across in his picture. I think Flower prefers her Chinese name

Hugo and Flower were the last stangers of the day. They asked whether I wanted English or Chinese names. I feel that Chinese names would be better but I'm finding it difficult to know how to write them. So I asked for English names, which I think Flower felt sad about.

Thanks again to everyone.

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  1. What an wonderfully varied selection of people! Looks like a really interesting day. And great photos as usual!