Monday, May 3, 2010

Roxymorons - They're no strangers!!

The Roxymorons - Infight

Today's post isn't about strangers that I've met on the street. It's about the Roxymorons, a punk that will be playing all over Taipei very soon. I did some pictures with them recently. They are loud and fun, so go and see them, they really rock!!!


They're band of three, Ben and John are from the UK and Dan is from everywhere. I'll be going to see them this Wednesday. Here's their facebook link.

Ben the bass player, playing drums

To hear them go to their myspace page. Though at the moment, you might have to wait a couple of minutes before the sounds comes through.

The Roxymoron's - Self Defeating

They are playing Wed 5th May at Underworld, details;
◎地址:台北市師大路45號B1 ◎電話:(02) 2369 0103 ◎營業時間:周五六9pm~5am;周日~四9pm-4am;周一公休◎address: shi-da road, no.45, b1, taipei, TAIWAN ◎phone:(02) 2369 0103 ◎hours: weekends 9pm~5am; weekdays 9pm~4am; mondays off◎established since 1996

So maybe I'll see you there.

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