Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th Photo Shooting

First couple of the day! They remain nameless at the moment because I didn't ask them


After some positive encouragements from friends about the blog, I decided to go out again today. This time I went back to the area between Dunhua Nan road (section 1) and Zhongxiao East Road. The weather was great today, blue skies and a big hot sun.

Smily Vicky and her mysterious friend.

The sun brought out a lot of couples, smiles and good moods, so it was fairly easy to persuade people to have their photos taken today.

I meet a sweet couple first but as I was too keen to get started I didn't get around to asking their names. It would be great if you can tell me.

Hip couple, Sky and Lin

After that, I met Vicky and the girl with no name. They were meeting their boyfriends (I guess they're your boyfriends, yeah?), who were waiting for them on scooters.

I ran into Sky and Lin, then Ken, but didn't have chance to find out much about them.

Then I met a worker from Vicious Circle but he didn't want his photo taken as he was working, which I thought was very un-punk of him. Still, he had time to tell me that something was happening tonight at Vicious Circle and there'll be plenty of people to take photos of. It kicks off at 8 ish, if anyone is interested.

John's personality certainly matched today's weather, sunny and lively. He's from Hong Kong but is often in Taipei buying computer components.

John is over from Hong Kong on business. He was with his girlfriend but she didn't want to be photographed. He said that he's often in Taipei buying computer parts. He seemed in his element today with the good weather.

This is Ken. He likes music, what type I don't as my Chinese wasn't good enough to find out.

This is Ju. He owns Classic, a designer clothes shop. He also designs clothes. I think he also DJs

Ju is the owner of Classic, a designer clothes shop on Dunhua Nan Road, section 1, 187 alley, no 63. He also designs clothes and I think he DJs, I'm not sure because we were talking in Chinese. Next month, there'll be a party at Huashan were he will be DJing. When I took his photo, he seemed a little nervous but he's actually very different when you talk with him. He's much more out going and chatty.

Playful Shu Hwa and Ken Tzu (sounds like Gen). Shu Hwa has the best type of camera - a Canon

Shuhwa and Kentzu (Gencu - Pinyin?) were shopping. Shuhwa was a natural in front of the camera and played around alot. They complimented my Chinese, which was very kind of them.

Thanks everyone for your time today. It was a great day for meeting strangers. Take care and perhaps we'll meet again sometime in the future




  1. You have your goals, I have mine...

    My resolution this year was to try and write at least one line a day in my blog. Can be about anything, just as long as I write one line...

    Thought it might be a struggle after a while, but actually getting easier.

    Oops, now I jinxed it.

  2. These are great, glad you felt inpired to go out again.

    I am into Brian's idea of writing at least one line a day on his blog - maybe I should do something similar as I always feel each of my posts has to be quite long or there have to be quite a few photos and it ends up taking too long to get around to it.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog (I have replied to it by the way - not sure if you get notified of such things when they're on other people's blogs?!)

    It's a shame that Vicious Circle guy didn't want a picture! That's where my friend Natalie and I had our ill-fated club night which only happened twice, though the one at Vicious Circle was actually really fun. I also recall going there with you, Lewis and Emma the night we went to Snake Alley!

    Awesome photography - keep it up!

  3. Congrats, it is lovely to meet stangers, gotta try to do this sometime!

    cheers and have a nice week