Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th Second Photo Session

Hucker is great, he understands my Chinese. He's also an electrical technician at Eslite

Good Evening Taipei!!!

Welcome to the second day of photos for 100 Strangers. Today, I met 11 well dressed new 'strangers' around Taipei City Hall and 101 areas. I learned a bit more about Taiwanese culture as well as sharing some cool moments together.

The wonderfully named 'Weekend'. He's a air con engineer at Eslite

I met Hucker, Weekend and Chang first. They were burning golden money for Digong, the land God. He owns the land that Eslite is built on and they burn money for him twice a month.

I asked Chang "If you don't burn money will Digong get angry"
Chang said "No, the gods are nice. I burn money because it makes my heart feel good."

The handsome Mr Chang, who works as an electrical technician at Eslite.

Chang and Weekend also explained to me about silver money. I thought this was only for the family but they said that burning silver money is not only for the family but for all ghosts (people who have died and are buried, I think).

My girlfriend used to get angry with me because whenever I saw people at temples burning money, I said that they were burning ghost money but she would always correct me and say that it's for the gods. So thanks to Chang, Weekend and Hucker, I now know a little more about burning money.

Business woman, near 101. We only spoke in Chinese, so it was a bit confusing

After that, I wandered up to Taipei 101. I briefly met a business woman, I took her photo but I didn't get her name. Then I met Vivian and Janin, who are from Hong Kong. They were loaded down with shopping bags, yet they were both in high spirits. When they said they weren't from here, I expected them to say they were from America because of their Engish.

Janin and Vivian are from Hong Kong. Today they shopped and they looked very happy for that. They both speak excellent English

Wayne and his 'gift' from me. Wayne is a student fashion designer and likes to design clothes for men. He's also has excellent English and is very chatty

After, I went back to Eslite and met Wayne, River and Odin. Wayne did most of the talking. He's a fashion designer and is a lucky boy as he's going to Milan this summer for a whole month.

This is 'Odin', looking very handsome and strong. He's a business student and works in Eslite too

Wayne, it'll be great if you could add a link to your fashion work. He showed me his ideas book, which had some very well sketched models wearing glamorous clothes. He told me that most of his designs are for men.

This is River (great name!!), looking cute. She is a business student and she works on B1 floor at Eslite

Finally, I met Nicola. This time I had to use my Chinese, which was good enough for Nicola to understand. She then took me to the shop she works for and introduced me to her friend/colleague.

Smiling Nicola, outside Eslite, she works at a jewellery store on the ground floor of Eslite

Nicola and friend (name?) working at a shop in Eslite

So that was the second day and I've now meet 19 new people all together. I found it easier to meet groups of twos and threes this time.

It was really good, once I've got my guts together and went up to people. My Chinese is still not good enough to find out much about people and I'd like to work on that.

Time to go. Perhaps, we'll meet again. Actually, the people working at Eslite, it's more than probable as I go there quite often.

Thanks again everyone!!

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  1. Wow Chris these are some really nice natural shots!

    I can't seem to get the timing down to capture these types of pics even with people that I know - so major kudos to you for being able to do it with complete strangers!

    *bows down to the master*