Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st First Day of Photos

100 Strangers to Friends has finally started and a huge thanks to the eight charming 'strangers' who let me take their photos today.

Mandy's Number One - the first ever 'stranger' in this project

I went down to the area by Zhongxiao Dong Road and Dunhua Road. The people here were certainly well dressed and trendy. I love this area as the shops remind me of London.

Richie and Friend - originally Richie didn't feel ready for the camera but he was much better dressed then me.

Thanks to those who put up with my Chinese and thanks to those who realise their English is much better than my Chinese. I had fun and I hope you enjoyed the moment too.

I was nervous and a bit shy but I should've known better. Taiwanese are almost always very helpful and open.

Erin and Kai managed to identify that I'm from the UK. I thought I'd lost my British accent. Kai, do you play guitar in a band?

Strangely enough, I talked most to someone I didn't take a photo of, though he took a photo of me. This guy works for Channel 95 (channel V) and was co-ordinating an on location shoot. It seemed a lot to organise and I wasn't sure what they were shooting, though they had lots of models with them. This guy loved languages, he already knowns English, Japanese and now he's learning Korean.

This is a model for channel 95 (or channel V)

Girl who was waiting for her friend

This was the first day and I know I could've done things better. Like, I don't know the names of everyone I met today. I'll do better next time.

Friend of the girl above

I hope you enjoyed the gifts. I hope in the future that as the project develops, the gifts will get bigger. I also want to add an event, so that I'll be able to give people a printout of their picture. I thinking about how to do this at the moment. Any suggestions are welcome.


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  1. hello there:D (sorry but I even don't know what your name is~) I'm Erin. My husband and I ran into you this afternoon.(BTW his name is Kai, not Kyle :D) I used to work at a language center, the foreign teacher there was from the UK,too. The thing is my husband and I always meet interesting people from the UK accidentally, sometimes in the concerts, sometimes in a restaurant or on the street and they are all creative just like you! So we were quite familiar with your accent. It's really nice to meet you cuz Kai and I both are interested in art, music, travel, and photography. Seems like we have so many things in common. If you have a facebook account you can add us as friends.
    Kai's: Hsin-Kai 心愷; Mine: Erin Hsu 藍心
    just copy and paste :)
    and this is Kai's blog, though it's quite empty~