Saturday, April 10, 2010


A Stranger that made me think - You is he? How does he live his live? Are we different?

This is a new blog to go hand in hand with a new project in my photography.
The aims are lofty, as with any good project, and the project is intended to break new grounds for me.


To use photography as a tool to meet new people and find out a bit about their lives. Initially, it will be about meeting people but ultimately I want it to be a tool to generate shared experiences with random people that I meet. It could be parties, free gifts, generating songs, promoting things and special events. For the people involved, me, supporters and ‘strangers’, I wanted it to be a thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience.

They are lofty aims indeed. I won’t go into detail about how and what the project is at the moment. I think it’s best to get started and go from there. At first, it’ll be small things like meeting people, taking their picture and learning a little about them. In the near future, I will organize some events that aim to change strangers to friends.

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