Friday, January 28, 2011

Strangers in Venlo - Day two


It was a cold day in Venlo but the streets were much busier than Tuesday, especially where the Saturday market is held.

I went to the Limburg Museum at first, since one of my questions is about the Limburg character, I thought this is a must go place.

I met Gerry there, who volunteers one day a week to work at the museum. She's originally from Overloon - Noord Brabant and she knows about blogs because her daughter runs a blog too. Gerry also introduce me to a new Dutch word 'ruimdenliend'.

Me - 'Can you tell me something that's typical of the Dutch?'
Gerry - 'Yes, they're friendly and ruimdenliend, how do you say that in English? They don't mind what other people do.'
M - 'They're are open-minded'
G - 'Yes, they're open-minded, it doesn't matter whether you are a woman, gay, black'
M - 'They let people be what they want to be?'
G - 'Yes, they let people be what they want to be.'

M - 'How are Limburgers different from other Dutch people?'
G - 'They are 'bourdondisch', they like to eat and drink, they like to enjoy themselves, but this is more so in the south.'
M - 'Do you think this is a true reflection on the people in Limburg?'
G - 'Yes, but less so here. It's more in the South.'

Unfortunately, Gerry won't be here on Sunday but she might send someone else along.

Kaber at his shop

Kaber owns a Doner Kebab store in the big market square. He's laidback and friendly.

M - 'What are Dutch people like?'
Kaber - 'They're very kind people.'
M - 'Do you think there's any difference between Limburgers and other Dutch people?'
K - 'There's a difference in the language and the accent but other things, mmm, no not really, mmm, well, they're kinder.'

Rick and Floor outside Cafe Central

I met Rick and Floor in the square outside the townhall. I was surprised at the name 'Floor' and Rick did say that it's the same spelling as the 'floor'. They both like meeting up with friends and Rick is very into his sports, especially hockey and tennis.

M - 'How would you describe Dutch people?'
Rick - 'They are open to their friends but less so to strangers. We don't go up to people and ask them questions like you.'
M - 'I think most British people don't do this either.'
Rick - 'Ok, yeah, we are not like the Spanish, Italians and Greeks, they're open to everyone. They talk with everyone.'

Rick and Gerry also did a Limburg pose, which made me laugh.

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