Sunday, January 30, 2011

Venlo Strangers - Day four

These are photos from day four and the final day of this stage of the project. I'll think up some new questions and change a few things around. Thanks to everyone who participated so far. I learnt a lot about the Dutch and Limburgers. If you want to get in contact with me (if you want an electronic copy of your photo) - you can me email on


Wendy had just finished her shopping and was about to cycle off. She has excellent English and was very smily. She goes most years to London, mainly to go to the shops.

Me - What are Dutch people like?
Wendy - Ignorant,
M - I havent' hear that one before. Why do you say they are ignorant?
W - Because they don't listen to other people. They believe that their opinion is the best, there's no need for them to listen.
M - Are you a Limburger?
W - Yes
M - Are there any differences between Limburgers and other Dutch people?
W - Yes, we are bourgondisch, more so in the south, which is where I'm from. We love to eat and drink. We love partying.
M - What do you enjoy doing?
W - Daytrips, going out to the park with my 16 month old daughter, mmm, travel and off course shopping.

Evelien and Joost

Evelien and Joost were fun to talk with and they seem to know someone at Milk and Cookies.

Me - Can you tell me something about the Dutch character?
Joost/Evelien - People are different from different parts of the Netherlands. The main one, is between the north and the south. There are three main rivers that divide the country, the Maas, the Rhine and the Scheldt.
M - What are people like from the North?
E - Direct
J - Blunt
M - And what about the south?
E - They are 'bourgondisch', how do you say that in English? They love good food, wine, to party.
M - Are you Limburgers?
J & E - Yes
M - Are you also different to other Dutch people?
J & E - Yes
E - Especially in the south, they're very hard to get in touch with. In the north we are more open-minded.
M - I enjoy photography. What do you enjoy doing?
E - Me too, I don't have much time now, I love painting too.
J - Running, drinking beer
E - He brews his own beer too.
M - Really, like which ones?
J - I've done 5-6 so far. The results are usually surprising.


I met Dominic in Hapas. He was chasing after his energetic daughter. He was very charming and full of jokes.

Me - What's the Dutch character? For example, some would say that the British drink too much.
Dominic - Yes, we like to drink too.
M - Are there any differences between Limburgers and other Dutch people?
Dominic - Yes, we are more 'bourgondisch'; more like the French. We enjoy ourselves more.
M - What do you enjoy doing?
D - Playing with my kids.


Wendy was the 20th and last person for this part of Venlo Strangers.

M - What are Dutch people like? For example, people think that the British are polite, quiet or now drunks.
Wendy - Yes, people are different of course, but in general, they're simple, direct, and not polite, not like the British.
Me - Are there any differences between Limburgers and other Dutch people?
W - Yes, we are different. We are not like the northers, not so direct, we are..., how do you say in English?
M - causal, laidback
W - Yes, that kind of thing
M - What do you like doing?
W - Horseriding

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